Women Empowerment & Children Care:

  • Improving Socio-Economic aspects of women manual scavengers and enhancing the education of their children

    The Swallows in Denmark was kind enough to sponsor the above project for 3 years and in this first year of the programme the following activities were systematically and well conducted for the upliftment and advancement of this most depressed Scavenger community women and their children:-
    - Follow up training to 50 peer educators
    - Sensitization of the manual women scavengers
    - Supportive education centers for the school going children of manual women scavengers.
    - Training in alternative livelihood for women scavengers.
    - Supportive seed money for 50 women for income generation
    - Advocacy and Lobbying for rights and privileges of scavengers.
    All the above activities carried out during this reporting period are of immense value and benefits to scavenger women and their children in Annavasal Block of this district. The staffs involved in this project took a keen interest to achieve the goal of the project and the outcome of the activities conducted during this year was highly satisfactory and beneficial.

  • Providing Health and Hygiene Training to Female Stone Quarry Workers

    The Australian Consulate General, Chennai offered the above project for a period of one year to this organization and all planned measures are being well implemented for the benefit of female stone quarry workers in Annavasal Block. The activities under progress are listed below:-
    - Village level orientation meetings for women and girls working in stone quarries.
    - Monthly review meetings.
    The project was started on 15th February, 2012 and to end of March 31st 2012 (reporting period) 11 village level orientation meetings were conducted for 420 women stone quarry workers. The women participants gained wide knowledge and experience and are of high value and benefits to them. One coordinator and 2 health workers are engaged in this project and it is pleasing to mention here that they are providing devoted services for the success of this project.

  • Forum for Promotion of Child participation
    The Forum for Promotion of Child Participation sponsored the programme and it was successfully conducted by the organization for the benefit of children. 3 district level meetings were organized in Pudukottai and Annavasal blocks of Pudukottai district and in Gangavalli block of Salem district during this period of reporting. The aims and objectives of these meetings for children are to create and maintain the rights of children educationally, legally and independently. It is also aimed through this programme to establish Panchayat level rights and actions for children as in the case of elders in the Society. District level meetings were also held for children through this project and the rights of children are much stressed it is also planned to establish children movements. The programme is of great success for the development of children and highly beneficial to them in the respective regions.

  • Sponsorship to Girl students
    The commonwealth countries League Education Fund, U.K.,on request of this organization has helped 6 girls from very poor agricultural families to continue their Higher Secondary Education with peace of mind and full concentration on their studies without any mental strains for want of financial assistance to continue their education. This organization is bound to thank the CCLEF, U.K, on behalf of these students, their parents and the teachers for this assistance of great value offered to them.

  • Creche Units for the small children of working and ailing mothers
    The Directorate of Social Welfare, Chennai sponsored one creche unit in the village of Ellaiyapatty in Annavasal block of Pudukottai District and is being well run by this organization for the last several years for the children of working and ailing mothers. The children are between the age group of 2 to 5 years. The total beneficiary children are 25, the majority of which are stone quarry workers children.
    The children with the support of Directorate of Social Welfare are being offered nutritious noon meal, monthly medical checkups, emergency medicines, recreation facilities and elementary education. The children after their age of 5 years are being admitted to nearby government schools by the organization and their parents. All possible assistances for their education are also being provided by the organization and this act is being greatly appreciated by the rural poor people in the respective village.

  • Self Help Group
    For the empowerment and development of women formation of self Help Groups have become an essential need and this is being done all over in India and its a pride to mention here that Tamilnadu State is on top in this aspect.
    With total membership of 215 rural women 14 Women Self Help Group have been formed by this organization and the group are well functioning. They are able to get bank loans for self employment schemes. Exploitation by money lenders has ceased due to formation of self help groups and this is one of the great achievements for the advancement of women. Through formation of self help groups rural women have advanced very much in many aspects.