• COVID 19 Acticities
    The lock down in the entire country faces huge economic drop that too the daily wages employees face crucial time in their life. To support such people, VCWS identified a group of people (around 200 families) who is considered as Scheduled Tribes were staying near Manapparai, Trichy Dristrict. Their occupation is palm astrology (Kai regai). These people will go around the villages and other districts for their daily earnings. They don’t have permanent houses, medical support, government schemes etc. Child Marriage is very high in this community and most of the people are addicted towards Smoking and Drinking. The Children were not given proper education by the community. They don’t have access to Good Food. Shelter and basic needs. Due to this lockdown for Covid19 this community is largely affected since they cannot more around for their daily earning

    Village Community Welfare Society Initiative to this Community.

  • VCWS identified this community and initiated to help those who are not access to food and basic need.
  • VCWS Provides Provision and vegetables to the community.
  • They issued a pamphlet on the awareness of Covid 19 among the particular community.
  • We needed further help to support this community largely.
  • Cancer Prevention - Tobacco Control Awareness Camps
    On this issue 3 training camps for 140 rural men, women and youths were well conducted by medical personnel's and NGO representatives. Tobacco chewing is found to be more common among the rural people and taking this fact into serious consideration the training camps were fully focused on this issue. One of the causes for cancer is the habit of chewing tobacco and the need to give up this habit and prevent cancer was much stressed by the resource persons who conducted the trainings. A procession too carrying slogans against tobacco chewing and its outcome was conducted for the prevention of cancer.

  • T.B. Control Awareness camp
    For 60 rural men, women and youths 2 training camps were conducted by the organization with the support of Government Medical Professionals who well explained to the camp participants the reasons for TB, its symptoms and the treatment they should take. The training camps were of great value to the participants.

  • National Environment Awareness Campaign
    The Ministry of Environment and Forests sponsored this programme through the regional resource agency Peace Trust, Dindigul for the year 2011-12 on the theme ''Forests for sustainable Livelihood''. Two days training camp for 90 rural men, women, youths, farmers and school students were successfully conducted by well qualified and experienced resource personnel's . The programme is of high value to rural community and they gained let of knowledge on Forests for sustainable Livelihood and Environmental issue during the two days training camp.
    This NEAC programme is being conducted by this organization yearly once and is of great value and benefits to people for care and protection of environment.

  • Disability awareness meetings
    The disability person are mostly being neglected by the society and their own kith and kin as they are felt to be a burden in their own families. They are infirm and often lonely and in need of love and affection for setting up their lives with self confidence and dignity. Hence, the organization conducted two awareness creation meetings for a duration of one day each in which nearly 68 disabled persons in our operational areas participated and gained knowledge about the governmental and other assistance and concessions available to them and the ways and means to achieve them. The activities were well focused for creating a sense of self confidence, self reliance and self respect among the disabled persons for turning a new leaf in their lives. The programme is in line with community based rehabilitation for disabled persons.

  • Programme for Old Age Persons
    Considering the plight of many aged persons living in villages and to make them happy and active the organization conducted an entertainment event for 70 aged persons. They were provided with lunch, tea, etc., and were issued with new clothes. They enjoyed the event with interest and happiness.